Monday, May 04, 2009

Celebrity Apprentice's Tuna Surprise

Chicken of the Sea executives thought a country jingle was too limiting so Clint Black gets fired from Celebrity Apprentice??

Clint Black goes out like a martyr for the genre.
Trump liked Clint's jingle — though did he really? Or was it just an excessive, ego-stroking pat on the back? But Trump acknowledged it was the project manager's fault, and FINALLY fired Clint. Bummer getting fired for the challenge that catered to his exact skill set, but it was a long time coming.

Clint, I think you made us all VERY proud!!


Clyde Bass said...

If Clint Black was a core artist and still making hits this would be time for all the country stations to tell their listener's that Starkist Tuna didn't just insult the country audience!

Anonymous said...

In all seriousness, Jaye, it is offensive that in 2009, a couple of executives in New York for Chicken of the Sea believe that a jingle sung by a known country artist is too limiting.

I don't know Clint so I have no idea if he's as unyielding and uncooperative as portrayed or if that was just editing but no PR firm could have written a
better exit strategy for Clint than to be eliminated for being limiting because of his genre of music.

Beverlee said...

I'd be cautious about assigning too much "reality" to Celebrity Apprentice. You could see the Joan/Annie final pairing coming weeks ago. There's manipulation from start to finish to keep it on their preferred path to maximize ratings. The Starkist Tuna boys are just playing a part. Quack Quack Quack...splash.
;-) Beverlee

Facebook group said...

Jim Smith at 7:28am May 4
Can we say, "cat-fight"? The finale should be brutal!

Susan Glaze Harper at 8:18am May 4
Very surprising indeed...however the Finale is definitely going to be interesting!

Taska Rockett King at 9:20am May 4
Me too! That song was more bluesy than country. They put a stereotype on Clint and could not see past it. And their spot was way better than the girl's spot. And I know a thing or 2 about radio commercials!! :-)

Jim Smith at 10:33am May 4
Dittos Taska! My wife and I were terribly surprised that they didn't select the "Clint" brand to market their product. Especially considering the cost of having Clint on the production...nada!

Tom Daniels Hobbs at 10:43am May 4
It was that signature country nasal twang Clint threw in at the end of he traditional jingle line that sterotyped him, and ultimately finished off KOTU.

Did I miss something? Granted it was a few years back, but the last time I looked Country still appealed to the masses..