Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Now And Then, Life Reaches Out And Gives You A Hug

I just got one from WTCM, Traverse City's Jack O'Malley on his 25th anniversary at the station. It so happens that I was the consultant there a quarter century ago and thus I could not resist calling him to express my admiration for his staying power and passion.

What I got from Jack was this amazing email message:
May I say that it was something you told me 25 years ago that I have quoted many times and I believe is the cornerstone that the last 25 years have been based on. Once while you were here I asked you if you thought that WTCM could compete with a Detroit or Chicago country station. You looked at me and said "no, but you don't want to be too hip for the room". That has stuck with me and has become my credo! I tell the staff all the time...RELATE to your audience, give them what they want...not just what you think is good. I listen to the stations around town and so many are doing what they think is good and not necessarily what people in these parts want. So you impressed a young mind of mush with the compass point and I thank you. Please know that a part of my 25 belongs to you. I mean that sincerely! Thanks for all you do for radio and the people who listen to it! It's a great medium and I am hoping that I can keep it alive for the next generation of young mushed minds to come along!

So, a bit of my advice for you too: be encouraging as you coach and train the people around you. Every now and then, guidance you even forgot giving floats back to you like a lovely bouquet of flowers.

Thanks, Jack, for taking time to tell me that as well as for 25 years for great local radio, making a positive difference in your lovely community!

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