Thursday, April 09, 2009

Internet Radio Grows, As Terrestial Remains Steady

The latest AMS Radio Index shows that more than a quarter (27 percent) of Americans say they have listened to Internet-only radio on an Internet site. This includes nearly half (47 percent) of young adults 18-24 and about a third (34 percent) of those under the age of 50.
“Our latest survey shows the continued vibrancy of radio. Online radio is an increasingly important medium. Regular radio is holding its own. The two media offer choices that are compatible and complementary of each other.” -- Edward F. Seeger, AMS chairman

But even as new media, such as Internet-only radio, continue to gain in popularity, regular radio is maintaining its audience. In the latest AMS survey, 73 percent said they are listening to the radio about the same as or more than they did five years ago. Dating back to the initial AMS Radio Index in January 2006, the number saying they’re listening to the radio as much or more than five years earlier has remained remarkably steady.


Jennifer Lane said...

Earlier this week Edison Media released a few facts from its updated Infinite Dial Study, done jointly with Arbitron. The new info reveals that Internet radio’s US weekly audience is 42 million and that figure represents 17% of Americans 12+ and has doubled since 2005.

John Campanario said...

This is encouraging for sure. now, let's get those ad rates up.

Dave Newton said...

This buys radio time to innovate. Which it still needs to do.