Thursday, April 16, 2009

Free Prep

If you're like me, those two words are almost as good as "free Mariner's tickets and a free hot dog too." So, props to Steve Holstein for this news: InterPrep is now offering two ways to get free show prep:

* Quick Hits daily email
* Twitter feed

Both are free at, which hits it out of the park as far as I am concerned. (A&O likes it so much we provide Interprep as a value-added to all our client stations.)

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Scott Innes said...

My Thoughts on Building Cume: There hasn't been an Artist in a long time that I truly feel would make a person sit in there car and wait 10 min to hear it
after a jock teased it coming up!!!!
Untill Now...
The Miley Cyrus Song "Climb" is Great for Country Radio And Great for Building Cume. I promise you if you tease This song coming up People will wait to hear it. She's Hot, her Movie is #1 And every Young Fan controlling The Radio in Mom & Dad's car WILL MAKE THEM WAIT TO HEAR THIS SONG.
My deal is it's all in the set up......
Just My thoughts, -- Scott