Friday, April 10, 2009

How "Hannah Montana: The Movie" Got Filmed In Tennessee

Reporter Cindy Watts writes that Billy Ray Cyrus did the hard work to convince Disney's Hollywood execs to use the state as the backdrop, not just movie sets:
"I'm excited, Miley is excited, the fans are excited. We're looking at this like it's a celebration of our family, of our roots, of our musical heritage and of our fans. It's just a great time to throw up our hands and celebrate life a little bit along with the fans, because without the power of the people, we neither one would be here." -- Billy Ray Cyrus
Cyrus started the long process of having the movie moved to Tennessee and was originally met with opposition. But he took the script and a camera, flew to Tennessee and photographed locations for each scene, ultimately convincing the company to change locations.

"They said, 'Wow, it does look exactly like the movie. But can Tennessee meet it financially, are they going to have the incentives they have elsewhere?' " Cyrus recalls.

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