Monday, April 27, 2009

CRS-40 Rewind - It's Not A Target Demo: It's A Family Reunion

This Country Radio Seminar-2009 panel started as "The Marince Family Reunion," as ARB exec Gary Marince revealed that he turns 54 this year and his daughter Sarah is 18 and shared a video of their personal perspectives on the country music brand story. For Gary, it goes back three decades, whereas Sarah is working on a career in music today, has a MySpace page to share her music, inspired by Taylor Swift.

(click here to read the recap of) The fast-moving and entertaining panel discussed the issues surrounding the question of whether one format is wide and deep enough to encompass their tastes with two researchers, the consultant who helped create "Hank" in multiple markets and two experienced programmers who have faced various flanking attacks in markets with huge country shares.

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Mark Kassof said...

Interesting how classic country never really makes it like classic rock or pop does. That's because country fans -- even older ones -- love the current stuff... quite UNlike the older fans of rock and pop.