Thursday, April 16, 2009

Don't Forget: They Studied Video

The average person spends 84 minutes a day with radio is one finding, part of a year-long, $3.5 million Nielsen-funded media consumption study hundreds of consumers in six cities were followed for two days to track media exposure and Inside Radio reported Wednesday that findings confirm radio remains an important medium in a typical American’s life.
Council for Research Excellence spokesman Richard Zacklon: “Time for new media has to come from somewhere. But the internet is often consumed with other media and internet usage is not consumed in drive time, so it’s not like radio will disappear.”

Radio gets 51% of the average 164 minutes spent each day with any form of audio — including iPods and CDs. That number is higher when the average 6.3 minutes spent daily with digital audio streaming is factored in. It’s a fraction behind the seven minutes spent behind console games each day. While still a major media outlet, radio has been surpassed by the computer screen, which gets 114.1 minutes of attention. Yet when researchers honed-in on just online activity they found the typical person spent 80.7 minutes a day using the web — or about three fewer minutes than on the radio.

Ball State University researchers found that even in major metropolitan areas with long commute times, computer use has replaced radio as the number two media activity. Radio is now third, followed by print media.

Before you say to yourself "well, #3 isn't bad in this over-communicated world" (and it's not, of course!), click to the Radio Ad Lab, look at some research on audio consumers and think about engagement.

That's our story. What are they listening to while they are in front of ther computer at work? How long do your listeners spend in their cars every day?

Away from home: the one media location where users don't leave the room when commercials come on.


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