Thursday, April 23, 2009

If They Can't Make A Profit In New Media, Who Can?

From Broadcast Dialogue: Credit Suisse says Google will lose $470-million U.S. on the video-sharing site this year alone.

If that figure is even close, YouTube, which Google bought in 2006, is in big trouble because, as one competitor admitted, user-generated content is proving to be a financial albatross: They haven't made the “ton of money” the tech evangelists said they would.
BD's Howard Christensen: "The content that seems to do best online is the same stuff that did well offline -- content produced by professionals. YouTube makes newspapers look like the smart place to put your cash."


Jim Carnegie RBR said...

We’re seeing studies in progress while others call for even more studies in the near future. Meanwhile, the open market is trying to sort it out the old fashioned supply and demand way. There seems to be only one sure bet: Whatever the answer is, we don’t have it yet.

Jennifer Lane Audio4Cast said...

Tim Murphy might be the only GM of a broadcast station’s online platform in the country. WEEI has a total weekly aqh, according to Ando Media, of about 3800, which makes them one of the largest if not the largest single broadcast streaming station. Their website gets 500,000 unique visitors a month, which puts it in a cume range comparable to their broadcast station. They also see 450,000 podcasts streamed from their site or downloaded onto devices by listeners per month. Murphy’s emphatic about the way campaigns are sold on the site. He says right now most of the campaigns are integrated to include audio, video gateways, display, and over the air inventory. The broadcast sales staff sells the inventory, with his guidance. The most critical thing, says Murphy, is to make sure that all the online audio creative is written specifically for the streaming listener, and ties in the banner on the player. He’s got some great ideas for making campaigns work by integrating the audio and the banner, telling the listener to enter their email address in the banner on the player, or enter their zipcode to get the location of the store nearest them.

Tim Manners said...

Jaye - check this out: "Reimagining Radio as a Spectator Sport"

click on:

Jamie said...

I think it's interesting that people are having trouble making money of user generated content, but that it's the internet's future... what will we do?