Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sprint Survey: Add Mobility To Your Definition Of Productivity

36% of respondents said that productivity was maximizing their life by making the most of their time in and out of work, while 25% felt it was completing tasks in a timely manner.

Rounding out the list was:
*Making the most out of their time (16 percent)
*Completing tasks faster than before at a better quality (14 percent)
*Making the most of multitasking (6 percent)
*Completing tasks faster than before (2 percent)

The Survey found that Monday is the most productive day of the week, as selected by 27 percent of respondents. As the week progresses, respondent productivity decreases: Tuesday (18 percent), Wednesday (17 percent), Thursday (12 percent), Friday (11 percent), Saturday (10 percent) and Sunday (5 percent).

Fourteen percent of respondents report already giving up their landline to exclusively use their mobile phone, and an additional 32 percent say they are likely to give up their landline in favor of their mobile phone. Additionally, of those respondents with both a landline and mobile phone, 51 percent would like one voice mailbox for both phone lines.

Nearly all wireless phone subscribers (93 percent) bring work-related mobile phones on vacation, the majority of Americans say they have achieved work-life balance (73 percent) and are more productive today than two years ago (67 percent). View charts and graphs from the 2006 Sprint Productivity Survey

Striking a Balance

Nearly three-quarters of respondents (73 percent) report having a work-life balance, defined as meaningful daily achievement and enjoyment in one's home and working lives. Eighty-two percent of respondents report high levels of productivity increase their work-life balance. Many respondents use technology to help achieve a work-life balance. For example, 82 percent report using technology to make their downtime more enjoyable. Interestingly, the most popular uses of technology to fill free time can all be done using a mobile phone:

Listen to music (43 percent),
Call someone (40 percent),
Check/send email (39 percent),
Surf the Internet (36 percent),
Play games (31 percent) and
Text/instant message (23 percent)

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