Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Josh Gracin and Buddy Jewel Prove Decorating Christmas Trees Can Be Hazardous

Nashville Kat: "First it was Buddy Jewel falling off a ladder hanging Christmas lights and breaking his wrist and now Christmas’s latest causality is another reality TV star - Josh Gracin.

Tuesday he was hanging Christmas lights when his daughter noticed a light out. He couldn’t get the bulb out with his fingers so Josh did what the dentist said not to - he used his teeth & his veneer busted off. When I said ‘you're lucky you didn’t get electrocuted he said ‘that was the least of my worries, I’ve been electrocuted plenty of times in the Marine Corps.’

The veneer that popped off was the one he had fixed 3 years ago playing backyard football & good thing he’s a Marine cuz has to have it fixed with no Novocain – he told me it doesn’t work on him. He also debated putting in a green or red tooth for the holidays but decided not to.

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