Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Problem With Promoting HD And Steaming On Your Main Channel

Arbitron notified PPM test participants in a December 11 memo:
"Effective with the November 2006 report period, listening to any internet stream that does not reflect a 100% simulcast of the originating terrestial radio station is not included in audience estimates for the originating station in this report. Similarly, listening to HD supplemental content (e.e. HD2, HD3, etc) is not included in the audience estimates for any 'primary' station in this report."

...So, go ahead and aggressively promote your station brand on all the new digital platforms. Unless you want to make money with them. If your audience is listening on your stream or in HDRadio, you better hope they still check the "FM" or "AM" box in the diary under the column formerly known as "band."

If you are in a PPM test market, I guess you're just supposed to take the loss in audience shares in the interest of future possibilities??

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