Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Edison's Tom Webster: "30 Under 30"

Wow, what a great idea. Well worth plaigerizing Edison's blog here to be sure you know about it.
After many years of trying to get some traction, the radio industry finally seems to be serious about efforts to attract and maintain the 12-24 generation. Fred Jacobs has been agitating on this topic for years, and recently has called for a task force to address the issue. One of the biggest challenges in attracting younger people is that, frankly, radio no longer has many younger people in positions of power. Edison Media Research is proud to announce our talent search: "30 Under 30". We are in search of the 30 best young talents in radio. Do you know someone under 30 years old, working in radio in any capacity, who should be featured? If so, tell us about him or her by clicking here.

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