Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Movin' DOWN, KFRG = L-A's New Country Station

Judging from today's second LA trend of the fall book, it looks like KFRG, San Bernardino is going to be the big beneficiary of the departure of KZLA.

K-Frog's (.5-.8.-1.0) 12+ trend puts it to within .6 of a share of KZLA's final share in the summer book. Meanwhile, the
highly-publicized launch of AM country on KKGO 540 and 1260 AM dipped in its final adult standards .6 summer book 12+ share to down in the no-shows, below a .3 share (the lowest share listed in the published trends). KKGO-AM was also down in San Diego from a 1.6 to a .9, so it doesn't appear that country FM fans are jumping to the AM band thus far. (they finally got an LA signal on 12/1, of course)

Movin's" (KMVN) trend went down from a .7 to a .6. The station's slogan is "the sound that makes you move" and that is what it appears the Southland's country audience is doing...to 95.1 FM. Hats off to PD Lee Douglas and his KFRG CBS Radio team, whose website opens with an extra happy 'boing boing ribbit' today. It will be interesting to watch how high this Frog can jump!

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