Friday, December 29, 2006

A Place To Meet Some Moms In Your Audience: "Over the past year, how much leadership have you taken over each of the following for your household?"

(click on the chart to enlarge it) Note: this research may be skewed against broadcast media due to the fact that a publishing company is underwriting it, but according to the
Parenting Group's 24/7 MomConnection study, in a typical week almost 100% of moms have listened to radio, watched TV, been online or received a direct mail promotion; 91% of moms shopped at a retail store; 88% of moms have read a magazine; and 86% have used a cell phone. And, moms are using emerging media, but not on a regular basis - in a typical week, only 33% have watched video-on-demand, 32% have read a blog, and 17% have listened to an iPod.

Only 27% of moms would pay to eliminate online advertising; 24% would pay to stop email advertising and just 23% would do the same for TV, radio and blogs. Yes, I read that as ads on radio and TV are NOT so objectionable that fewer than one in four moms say they'd pay to not hear them.

Other findings of The 24/7 of Mom study:

* Contrary to the scheduling of traditional morning and evening news programming, the study found that moms are most receptive to informative and educational messages in the afternoon
Comedy and entertainment messaging resonates best with moms in the evening
Moms are most likely to multi-task while listening to the radio, and 1 in 5 moms said that when the TV is on, it's for their kids - so they're not paying attention
* Blogs and newspapers get most of mom's attention, even if she's doing other things
* Newspapers and magazines are moms' most trusted sources of information, followed by web sites, radio, TV and doctors' offices (it's nice to see radio in third place!)
Moms view hand-held organizers and cell phones as the tools that are most likely to help make their lives easier

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