Saturday, December 30, 2006

Lincoln Financial Gives Up On Classic Country In Denver

Click on
Classic Country - 16Kicks to read the formal announcement.

A listener to the station sent this email, which was forwarded to me:
"Well, I'm in mourning, my Classic Country station is gone as of 1/1/07,and the one they suggest is terrible and a weak signal. On that subject, Idid check and KYGO is not broadcasting in HD. Per some page I looked at,there are 40 stations broadcasting 52 channels.SO, where did Chuck Leary and Chuck St. John go??? (the personalities on16Kicks)"

How do to give someone like that an adequate explanation that says something more helpful to her than "it's business"? I've been through this multiple times in my consulting and programming career and it never is easy. I feel for the disenfranchised listeners and also for the Lincoln Financial, Denver, team who probably had hoped that 16 Kicks would prevent anyone else from going country. Unfortunately, it didn't prevent CBS Radio from taking 92.5 to "Willie" and then "92.5 the Wolf" in the past year. How do you tell a listener that their station was a pawn in the chess game that radio sometimes is and that chess piece had lost its usefulness in the game?

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Anonymous said...

The question of what happened to Chuck Leary and Chuck St. John wasn't answered . Please let us know.