Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tim McGraw Does Hollywood

.. and Neil Haislop has the stories: Tim McGraw will be honored by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce today, with a star on the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame. Asked how he feels about the honor he’s getting today, Tim said,
“What can I say about that, I thought for sure they were going to put it under a bus stop someplace, (it’s going in a great spot in front of the Virgin Mega store), but it’s in a pretty good place, and, it’s just pretty amazing to me that I could be from where I’m from and grow up in the middle of nowhere in cotton fields and such, driving tractors and cotton pickers as a kid and riding horses as a kid and being able to make a record, I mean every year I expect my career to start going away…I’ve been here a long time and waiting for it to start waning a bit but it just keeps getting better, so I just keep trying to get better at what I do and keep everybody interested.”

Seems Tim McGraw has been doing a more than promoting his new film "Flicka." The following update has been posted at DEF LEPPARD's official web site. "Fans who witnessed last night's [Friday, October 13] show at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, were treated to a slightly different encore than what the band usually presents at the end of their shows. First of all, due to curfew restrictions, the band could only play one encore song instead of the usual two — resulting in the omitting 'Love Bites', the song they usually reserve for the lead-up to their finale anthem. However, the very performance of that last song surprised the thousands of fans at the Bowl when they realized that it was none other than country star Tim McGraw who jumped up on stage to sing along with 'Pour Some Sugar on Me'."

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