Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Corey Deitz: 10 Great Things About AM and FM Radio

Deitz pens's Guide to Radio:

10. For the price of a fast food lunch, you can buy an AM radio that one day may save your life during an emergency. Ask the thousands of people who depended on it during Hurricane Katrina.
9. Local radio personalities make a difference in your life. Just ask Bill Murray’s character in the movie
"Groundhog Day".
8. Romance. Who hasn’t "made out" in a car to a radio playing their favorite station?
7. There’s nothing like watching your hometown baseball team in person but getting the play-by-play in your headphones from the local sports station.
6. They can make AM and FM radios
as small as pens, antenna and all. Can you say that about a satellite receiver? (Not yet, anyway.)
5. AM signals aren’t affected by dense trees or mountains. FM signals aren't affected by lightning storms.
4. When
formats get old and tired, station owners can change them! When your mood changes, you can change the station.
3. Radio can unleash your imagination.

2. Multitasking. You can do almost any other task and still fully enjoy listening to the radio.
1. Free – Free – Still Free.

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