Thursday, October 12, 2006

Nice Things Happen To Nice People, Milwaukee Edition

On Milwaukee magazine editor Molly Snyder just did a very complimentary profile of WMIL's eight year morning cohost, Karen Dalessandro. Listen to the podcast as Karen gets chatty with Molly

OMC: How has radio changed the most for you over the years?

KD: Technology. It's absolutely amazing how it has changed since I pulled vinyl records off shelves, put them on a turntable and edited tape with a razor blade. Now, everything, of course, is on computer. It's much easier and sounds better. There's no reason to reminisce about "the good ole" days.

OMC: Is country music your personal favorite genre?

KD: Having worked in just about every format including pop, rock and alternative, country is my favorite. I don't listen to country music exclusively, but it's the first button on my radio.

OMC: What's in your CD player right now?

KD: Quite a variety: Sugarland's "Twice the Speed of Light," some Nickleback, "Big and Rich." Also, I love Sheryl Crow and even AC/DC's "Back In Black."

OMC: Do you think the country world is more open or less open to female radio announcers?

KD: Way more open. It's a safe bet that you'll hear more women in prime time shifts (AM Drive/PM Drive) on country radio stations than other formats. Country music listeners are so passionate about everything on the radio -- the music and the disc jockeys. They're into the message, whether it comes from a guy or a girl, and as long as it relates to their lives. Gender isn't really an issue.

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