Saturday, May 13, 2006

What's BIG? What's Not?

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Twelve times a year, the internet research firm releases its 'executive briefing,' with an overview of what folks are talking and thinking about:

The combination of waning support for Bush, gas price woes, and continuing conflict in the Middle East translates in May to a dip in consumer confidence….this month, those very confident/confident in chances for a strong economy falls to 38.6% from 44.5% last month and 42.5% last year, and a new low for 2006.

It doesn’t look like possible nuclear weapon development in Iran has increased consumers’ concerns over political and national security issues in May…18.6% continue to worry, a 2 point decline from April (20.5%).

Declining confidence generally leads to increased practicality, but in May, slightly fewer consumers - perhaps over the initial gas price “shock” – contend they’ve become more practical in the last six months…40.9% now indicate so, about a point decline from last month (42.3%), however still a 3 point increase from 2005 (38.0%).

Home Improvement is what’s hot this month! 66.2% indicate so, followed by Capri pants and white clothing. Puzzle game Sudoku proves popular among those 18-34, as do tunic tops with those 35+. In addition, two in five women give the Crocs garden clogs their approval.

What’s Not? Although popular with women over 55, about 75% of consumers won’t be meeting up with Barry Manilow at the Copacabana.

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