Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Cincinnati Radio Becomes A Game Of Fractions

The latest Cincinnati radio ratings, covering (early) January to (early) April, show less than two shares separate the top nine stations in the market, representing the continued ratings trend where no station dominates and at least the top 15 stations out of 30 rated have some demographic to crow about (read more - Rick Bird-Cincy Post)
Overall, many radio execs say the quarterly Arbitron ratings mean less and less as stations engage in new media marketing through the Internet and find different ways to distribute and showcase their content as listening patterns change. Quotes from the story: "It's not like the old days where you would see TV or billboard advertising and big contests that often quantified the ratings...Radio is going through a change. (Our) podcasts get a few thousand hits a day. We are finding new technologies, trying to cultivate an audience in different spots. We have to embrace the new technology."

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