Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bridge Ratings Study: 2/3's of HD Early Adopters "Satisfied"

During the month of April and May 2006, Bridge Ratings spoke to 500 HD radio consumers ages 18 and over to determine an initial understanding of their use and satisfaction of this new technology. Consumers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston and Dallas-Ft. Worth were included in this study.

All of the markets included in this new study offer multiple HD versions of the AM or FM analog programming available in the market. In these markets at the time of this study, there were only a handful of HD2 or side-channel stations:

Los Angeles - 9
San Francisco - 12
Seattle - 9
Boston - 6
Dallas - 9

100% of the consumers in the study have been using their HD receiver(s) for six months or less.

Bridge Ratings Dave Van Dyke, President, projects slow but steady digital radio use over the next few years, and few consumers are listening at this time. However, early adopters are buying them and enjoying HD programming in many major markets today.

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