Friday, May 05, 2006

Have You Ever Read A Press Release And Said To Yourself...

... WOW, have I got some homework to do! If not, take a gander at this one:

Reinforcing their commitment to emerging technology and cutting edge wireless media, Jones Radio Networks® (JRN) is pleased to announce that Jim Ginsburg has been named Director of Wireless Media. Ginsburg also serves as Vice President of Jones Banana Network™.

“Our growth into various wireless technologies is happening now with our use of SMS, ring tones, podcasting, RSS, comedy animations and more,” said Phil Barry, Group VP/GM of JRN. “Jim will be key to helping us identify how to appropriately create and deliver content to all of the emerging wireless platforms.”

Specifically, Ginsburg will work to establish and direct implementation for text messaging services, audio/video content, and other applications, products and services oriented to mobile devices like cellular telephones, personal digital assistant units and MP3 players.

In his expanding role, Ginsburg will also seek to activate a host of services for JRN affiliates and their customers to interact and enjoy media in new ways.

Ginsburg has served as an executive in the information technology, education, Internet, cable television and wireless fields for the Jones companies since 1981. He has focused on developing new business opportunities and leading the development of technological business solutions.

If more than 25% of the above was Greek to you, allow me to suggest that you need to do some self-education and fast!

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