Sunday, December 15, 2013

Does Your Listener Know You're Interested?

International social media analytics firm Brandwatch's just-released report on radio listener Twitter activity in the U.S. and U.K. points out:
"Radio stations do not tend to reply to the comments aimed at them, seldom engaging with listeners at all." 
  • Celebrity culture is a main driver of conversation, with over a quarter of all listener mentions relating to celebrity news, interviews or songs.
  • Radio stations act upon this trend, with 41% of radio stations directing @interactions at celebrities and 32% towards brands.  
Would listeners like us better, telling their followers and friends about us in more positive ways if more of our Twitter conversations were listener-based? 
  • The use of competitions as part of a social strategy was generally a successful tactic
  • Of all personalities’ personal tweets, only 5.5% were about their radio station.
  • Sport stations are the most social on Twitter, using @mentions to talk to their audience much more frequently than other genres.
Negative discussion centered around stations can gain rich insights from this social data, helping them understand which content works best.

Over the period analyzed, 1% of the conversation was negative. Although a seemingly small number, it accounts for 3,200 mentions, very few of which were responded to.

32% of social customers expect a response to a complaint within 30 minutes. Research by Nielsen demonstrates that 71% of consumers who experience a quick brand response are likely to share that with others.

To get the full picture you can download the full report for free here.

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Lance Pry said...

If your listener takes the time to contact the station via social media, and no one replies, the listener is left with an empty feeling of why did i waste my time... Did someone see it?!? But, if they get a response, no matter how minimal, you can put that listener right into the P1's if they're not already there. We ask the listeners to choose us, radio must return the respect to make this social media thing work. Social Media really is the new request line.