Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Russ Jones

He owned a local appliance repair and sales business in Salem, Ohio, my hometown. 

After Westinghouse Broadcasting gave up on FM radio in the early 1950's, Russ purchased their used 100,000 watt FM transmitter from KDKA-FM and applied for an FM license about the same time I was entering high school.

Russ constructed what was then WSOM-FM (105.1) on the top of a hill just outside town, ran it for several years and sold it to a Youngstown-based company.  It has changed hands multiple times over the years at higher and higher prices/multiples.

It's still doing very well almost 60 years later as WQXK, now licensed to Youngstown, covering a wide swath between Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

I think of Russ each time I hear someone say that "HD Radio" is a waste of effort.

He taught me that evolution takes dedication and time.

Success requires patience, courage and vision.

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