Monday, July 01, 2013

Are You Dating Yourself?

What you play and choose not to expose sends a message to your target about how old you are and how old you think they are.

A few generalizations just to get the conversation started:
  • The top-rated song with 25-39 scores higher than the highest one with 40-54.
  • 25-39 rates nine currents high enough to be powers.  40-54 rates 4-6 that highly.
  • If you call 60% positive or higher strong enough to be a secondary or power, both age groups give 20 tunes that level of acceptance. 
  • Artists doing better on this test with younger listeners:  Luke Bryan, Randy Houser, Tim & Taylor, Easton, Hunter, Brett Eldredge, Justin Moore, LA and Tyler Farr.
  • Stronger with the older end of the target this time:  Blake, Darius, Carrie, Gary Allan, Keith Urban, Sheryl Crow, Henningsens and Lee Brice
Music testing is as much about proper targeting for maximum impact as it is to check familiarity, burn, negatives and positives.

- thanks to for sharing this data from last week's national test, 25-54

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