Friday, June 10, 2011

Facts You May Find Interesting

(More) A&O's Dan Van reports ‘Live’ From CMA MUSIC FEST:
Yesterday was a classic Dan Van moment. My wife and I bumped into Shania Twain. I was chatting with her husband when Shania came up and made sure he was doing well.

That was when I said. “Thank you for your time” and Shania extended her hand. I then proceeded to tell Shania that I was thanking her husband Fredric for the conversation.

Dan Van Note: “Awkward!” Shania was very sweet and I can not wait for the new music project. Shania was awarded a plaque for selling the most records by ANY female artist even beyond country by her record label.


I mentioned in Jaye's Wednesday blog that there is a surprising amount of free stuff at the CMA Music Fest. So much free stuff that you could have a problem getting all in your suitcase if you are limited with space.

Thus I would like to tell you about a really cool perk!

The US Postal Service is setting up shop in the Fan Fair Hall (Room 107 at the Nashville Convention Center)! They are on hand through Saturday (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM) with materials to package and ship your prized possessions for a low ("if it fits, it ships") fee.

It’s a feature available to all 4-day ticket holders, so they don't put a limit on what they take home... and don't pay excessive baggage fees to the airlines!

Dan Van Note: “What A Great Idea!”

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