Friday, November 26, 2004

Tim Hunter

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In the aftermath of that big Pistons/Pacers fight last week, 9 players have been suspended. Today, New York Mets fans asked, "So, how can we make that happen?"

Dan Rather has announced he's giving up the CBS Evening News and joining the cast of "60 Minutes" to pump some young blood into that show.

They estimate 37.2 million people will be traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend... of course, not including NBA players!

Sharon Stone has become an ordained minister and performed her very first wedding ceremony last weekend. No, that wouldn't distract from the bride, not at all...

American Idol Ruben Studdard has been hospitalized for exhaustion. He's resting comfortably in rooms 223 and 224.

Looks like the cost of a stamp is going up again. The post office is going to put in for an increase next year that would bump a first class stamp up to 41 cents. Hey, the cost of storage is going up.

A 72-year-old great-grandmother from Oklahoma is preparing to head to Iraq, as a volunteer with the Department of Defense. She's being put in charge of making American soldiers feel guilty for not coming by for a visit.

Singer Robbie Williams has confessed that he slept with four of the five Spice Girls, but he won't identify which ones. Hey, maybe it was dark: "Now serving #3!"

Hustler magazine is going to publish photos of Paris Hilton making out with another woman at a nightclub. Apparently, the guy with the video camera had the night off...

"Alexander," the Oliver Stone movie with the one-word title, is getting a lot of bad one-word reviews. In the movie, Stone shows the legendary leader as going both ways: east and west AND north and south.

President Bush says he has plans to bolster the CIA as soon as he looks up what "bolster" means.

Martha Stewart enjoyed a typical prison Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey with a file in it, dressing with a file in it, sweet potatoes with a file in it...

So, here's this week's timely edition of "City Cinema Theaters." Same setup every week: "Hey, let's see what's playing at the movie theater this weekend..." Hit cart and you're off! Click here to listen (right click to download).

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