Friday, November 26, 2004

Hole in the Headline, Sound Bytes, Home Obstacle


Give the contestant a tabloid headline, they have to fill in the missing word(s):

"Man Pays $37,400 To Live _____ At Disney!" (Forever)
"U.S. Spy Satellite Takes Photos Of _____ Worldwide!" (Hot Naked Women)
"Touching Swimsuit Model's _____ Cures Every Sick Person In Town!" (Breasts)
"Dentist Keeps Patients Coming Back By Spraying _____ On Their Teeth!" (Sugar)
"Schoolchildren Get Lecture On _____!" (Viagra)
"Ex-Con Uses Jail's Money To Pay _____!" (Dating Service)
"Honest 7-Year-Old Returns _____!" (Diamond Ring)
"Restaurant Puts In _____ To Run Off Lingerers!" (Parking Meters)
"New _____ Protects Gals From Pinching Pervs!" (Butt Sentry)
"Fur Flies In Gay Pet Groomer Bust-Up!"
"Man Breeds World's Smallest Dog The Size Of A _____!" (Silver Dollar)
"Blind Pooch Has _____!" (Seeing Eye Dog)

Throughout the year we got some great drops from every player on the show and we save all the really stupid comments. Now we're going to have the listeners pick the best one for the year.
AT HOME OBSTACLE We played the "At Home Obstacle" for concert tickets. Listeners start by going outside and standing next to their car. Then we lead them through a series of things they have to do. The object is to do them in as little time as possible. I had them beep the car horn (have them make sure the door isn't locked), run to the house and ring the doorbell, go into the kitchen and run the water followed by the disposal, go into the bathroom, flush the toilet and crow like a rooster. Very funny especially when you got a real overweight redneck huffing and puffing into the phone. Our winner did it in 12 seconds.

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