Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Christmas in Topeka - Holiday Ideas

From: "Radio Rich" Bowers, FM Program Director/Morning Show Host, WIBW, Topeka, (785-272-3456 - radiorich@94country.com)

We started the before noon money tune and the afternoon money tune today. 7:20 Louann and I give a hook of the early tune. #19 wins 100 bucks before noon. Then that Jock gives a hook of the after noon money tune. Different song, played before 4 pm.

WIBW Christmas Shopper Lunch and Christmas Wrap 7-8 pm weekdays and Holiday Music Weekends now that the local AC station went all Christmas on Thanksgiving.

Other Holiday promotions we are involved in:

Are you a WIBW Santa Claus?, in conjunction with WIBW TV, ask everyone you meet are you a WIBW Santa. Chance to win cash.

Also soliciting businesses to sing Christmas Carols for us. We'll go record them and give the office a great Holiday Gift basket, then we play them back on the air " here's the Sears Automotive department with Silent Night" It sure can't hurt at work listening.

We're also the sponsor for Winter Wonderland, it's a drive through light display, 2 miles. It benefits a local agency that helps mentally challenged adults.

We are the exclusive radio sponsor for the Salvation Army this Christmas.

We have a 25 foot tree on top of our bldg. that lights from red to green as we get closer to their goal of 325 Grand.

And the local Festival of Trees.

This ought to put us all in the Holiday spirit!

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