Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Three R's

There are three goals that any radio station/show should be aiming for when it comes to both on air broadcast and web content. It seems to be something that should be ‘common sense” for any broadcaster.

However, it seems these days we as an industry have gotten away from what our focus should be and strayed into the theory that “just getting our name out there as much as we can” is good enough.

Although it is vital to be known in your market and brand yourself/station as a major player and take ownership of your town/ratings, broadcasters today miss the point of the underlying factor.

The question is what we are going to do with the audience when we get them? I heard a long time ago that as a an “announcer” my job is to keep the listen as long as possible.

I think it can be broken down in three categories or objectives. I call them the THREE “R’s”


One way or another, we want our listeners to react. Laugh? Cry? Get them angry? It’s all good.

The saying goes “you can’t please everyone all the time.”

Well, take advantage of that.

If it your goal to PLEASE your audience at every turn. You WILL fail.

Besides, in real life, it’s those people that do act that way that are viewed as phony. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand phony people and I certainly don’t want to listen to them.

OK, so now that we have them laughing, crying or mad, what do we do?

Invite them to respond.

If listeners feel like they have an outlet to respond or give feedback, they will stay with you every time.

Is it FACEBOOK, TWITTER or on the phone?

YES. It’s all of those.

The only way people will keep be interested in anything you have to say or promote is if they can have some sort of reaction that is seen or heard.

We have listeners that don’t have time to listen to our broadcast in real time but they love our station so much they want to know what is going on and feel as though they are a part of the family.

Like I said before, the job of an announcer is more than just being an entertainer.

We need to keep our audience coming back.

That won’t happen if we are not achieving the previous “R’s.”

If you simply try to promote your station without inviting people back, you have not gotten or gained anything.

In big markets with multiple stations of the same genre this is VITAL!

To be perfectly honest, if you are an announcer that is merely after getting “known”, your career will be a short one.

Some of the best jocks I have ever heard are no names. Yet, they have a way of getting me to come back every time.

Often times I don’t agree with them and many times they find a way to get a reaction from me and yes, I have even tried to “FRIEND” them so I can respond.

If you are REAL and have a way about you that gets listeners to react and respond they will keep coming back.

- Clay Moden, WYRK, Country 106.5/Buffalo

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