Friday, September 23, 2011


News: One of Cleveland’s best-known radio voices has been silenced. Chuck Collier, afternoon host and music director at 99.5 WGAR, as well as midday host on Majic 105.7, died Thursday from a massive heart attack. Chuck was 64 years old. Chuck had been a fixture on WGAR for 40 years, starting when the station was still on the AM dial, and playing adult contemporary music.

Comment: Ask any of us to knew and worked with Chuck over the last four decades and you'll hear endless stories of hard work, a positive approach to life, a wonderful family and a dedicated professional who loved Ohio and Cleveland. That smile on his face was always there and it's incomprehensible that we won't see it again except in photos. Please remember his family when the memorial service is announced.

News: Cumulus' Thursday Conference Call For 500 Programming Executives in their newly enlarged conglomerated empire. Among many other rumored imperial dictates: no outside programming consultants, flip-flops, piercings, exposed tattoos or bluejeans.

Comment: It's a source of pride to find myself, by implication on THAT list. A&O worked with Citadel and had some great relationships there - which we'll sincerely miss - but if tattoos, bluejeans, piercings and flip flops aren't welcomed in the new configuration, I wouldn't want us to be there either. Bon Voyage, Cumulus. It's going to be fun to compete with you. I'm tempted to have that tattooed in an exposed place on my body today.


Mike McVay in AllAccess said...

We did not discuss a dress code for programmers. That's a crazy accusation. We have some amazing talent in our company. They don't all wear a coat and tie to work. Heck ... I'm going through an age crisis. What if I want to get some piercings? Jeesh!

What is frustrating to me is that I am trying to change the culture of a company, as well as an industry, and an inaccurate article runs and diminishes my efforts. My intention is to attract the very best broadcasters in radio. Ask yourself ... Why would CUMULUS step up and invest a significant amount of money to attract 'superstars' if they weren't going to let them do their job?

WEWS-TV said...

During his time in Cleveland, Chuck was known for his outstanding personality and outgoing love for anyone he met. Clear Channel Radio's President, Gary Mincer says he will miss Chuck's open and loving heart. "Just a great sense of humor, made people feel good to be around's quite a loss...quite a shock."

A loyal listener and friend, Jim Roberts says that loss is spreading across Cleveland. He feels it and will feel it for the rest of his life. "I wanted to cry when I heard it...He was always smiling and happy to see me. It just makes it so unreal since he's gone. That is hard to believe."

From our family here at NewsChannel 5 to the Clear Channel Family, to the Collier family, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Calling hours are on Sunday, September 25 from 3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. at Kolodiy-Lazuta Funeral Home on State Road in Parma. The funeral service will be private.