Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ten Things To Do Now To Tune Up For Ratings

  1. Get out and get involved in the community. Loyal listening audiences are built on a personal bond.
  2. Come up with TEN things you could do to own your time slot.
  3. Over-prepare so be sure that each break relates powerfully in unique and creative ways.
  4. Rehearse everything you do for maximum impact.
  5. Compress content. Rewrite in advance for brevity and word power.
  6. Entertain. Provide an emotional experience between every song.
  7. Listen to listeners and use their names and voices on the air, tightly-edited as often as possible.
  8. Get one to one. Share your personal point of view and avoid crutches andclichés by being specific and evoking theatre of mind.
  9. Provide instant gratification and be sure you present the music in line with our station image.
  10. Constantly attack yourself. What would you do if you were your own competition.

1 comment:

The Real Scott Miller said...

10 simple rules! Not only for ratings, but should be done everyday for all shifts...even weekends. I'm posting this in the studio right now! Good stuff!