Thursday, August 25, 2011

Trend: Away From Home Is Up; At Home Listening Slips

Sampling and discovery happens in the car (cume), but turning that usage into ultra core time spent listening/hours tuned involves getting them to start with you very early in their day and then taking the radio station to work with them.

Source: BBM/Canada's 2010-2011 Radio Data Book


Inside Radio said...

Livio Radio CEO Jake Sigal says “By 2020, all new cars will have some sort of mobile connectivity.”

A new study from automotive technology research firm IHS iSuppli forecasts sales of cars with internet radio integrated into the dashboard will reach more than 10.9 million units in 2018, up from 149,000 in 2010.

But an automotive web radio expert calls that estimate low and predicts a faster adoption rate.

David Martin said...

Bravos, Jaye. You raise a critical issue with this post.

My sense is the challenge is to be, consistently,"better than free." The mission becomes "curation" of an unmatched listener experience.

While the diary remains a game of getting into their minds (the recall required to get credit in the process of literate accounting), PPM is a game of actually getting into their places. Accordingly, we are moving the metrics from recall to real-time.

As we say around our shop. All that's important is what's coming out of the speakers and on the screens, everything else is a footnote.

Jason Bailey said...

I'm the GM at a daytime only sports station. The internet and mobile apps have saved us! last month 144,000 listeners tuned in. Instead of fighting against internet radio we have embraced it and use to our advantage. Extending our brand to the many ways you can "pick up" the station with multiple streams in addition to our main stream has added more ways to make money!