Saturday, August 27, 2011

I Bet You Can't Wait Until Monday To Google These

Each weekday, A&O's prep producer Dan Van emails a long list of the items that will be in our client only prep. For example, this morning, just a few he'll have full info and even audio on for Monday's prep are:
  • Jake Owen Celebrated 30th Birthday Yesterday, Plans to Settle Down Soon
  • Jason Aldean's "My Kinda Party" Approaching Double Platinum Status
  • George Strait to Become a Grandfather this February
  • Rascal Flatts Concert Slashing Incident Causes Arrest
  • Back To School: Kenny Chesney Show Men Can Wear Skirts
  • Carrie Underwood to Join Tony Bennett in Concert
  • Keith Urban Is Thankful His Parents Let Him Drop Out of School to Play Guitar
  • Lady Antebellum “Makes A Difference” For MDA
Be honest. Are you going to wait until Monday morning to listen to the radio to hear the juicy details?

Of course not.

Today, as you prep content, you have to assume that listeners already know every story you're planning to tell them, so simply copying from internet sources or even an excellent prep service like A&O's (we take pride in Dan's commitment to getting stories and sidebars first from angles no one else has), is no longer enough, if it ever was.

Tell just enough the each story to be sure every listener knows what you're talking about and then engage listeners with as many fresh and unique perspectives and reactions to it as possible.

That's the content that no one can beat YOU to.

Don't even tease to the headline of the story as you promote ahead. They already know that and will think you're only going to talk about what they already know.

Tease to your camera angle, your cohost's feelings about it and the listener reaction.

Like my buddy Michael O'Malley always says: focus on feelings, not facts.

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JJ Duling said...

Great stuff, Jaye. Great talent is in 'show prep mode' 24/7 and these days that's easier than ever...IF you're paying attention. "Feelings over facts" is more important if we want to engage our audience (vs. just talking at them).