Monday, August 08, 2011

Recap Everything

Most of us schedule a recap meeting after the station fronts a big NTR event or music festival.
  • Did this work as planned?
  • Complaints?
  • Comments?
  • What could we do to improve or put a spin on to make it better next year?
  • What did we like?
  • What didn't we like?
This is always a hassle to do, of course, as you write down notes, throw them into the file and pull 'em out the following year. Then, suddenly, you're grateful you took the time to do a recap.

It helps to really make signature events better and better, as those old notes tell you that next time you need more seating, more prizes, a different way to judge a contest.

Hassle or not, do recap meetings with everyone involved producing TV campaigns, major contests, imaging, all of the touch-points with listeners. Improving their experience of everything you do is what winning is all about.

Intelligent strategies, pulled off half-heartedly, get trumped by excellent execution every time.

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Ishita Gupta said...

Meanwhile, if you do that, "stop wasting time and make your meetings matter" ( is also crucial.