Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How To Out Perform Your Market

Why should an American radio station care about trends in Canada? Why should a local Canadian radio station worry about BBM stats on what's happening in other markets?

National average trends indicate "big" things affecting all media and if your individual station can be the one in your town that holds onto cume and TSL while others are losing theirs, just staying flat can help your shares GROW.

Programming and marketing radio can be like sailing. It's possible win the race by letting the prevailing winds blow you to victory but everyone is trying to do that.

Or, you can be the one to "come about," gain advantage by staying out of the "no go zone" and yet moving into waters few others have the courage to enter.

The competition is smaller in number there, of course, so you have a better chance to really stand out as unique.

If you know how to sail in very challenging seas.

Before deciding to go against the wind, it's crucial to fully-understand the prevailing breezes and their impact on everyone in your environment.

Thanks to BBM/Canada's 2010-2011 Radio Databook for providing info on those fast-changing currents.

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