Saturday, January 30, 2010

Everything A Personality Or Programmer Needs To Know About PPM Has Already Been Written

Naw, of course NOT. But, here are a few very good reads on the topic (click the name to view their contribution to the dialogue):

Yes, as you'd imagine, I do have something to add. I'll post it Tuesday morning at 6:00 am.


Unknown said...

Ooooohhh...drawn in by the tease. Nicely done!

Stephen Dillard said...

Stephen Dillard
PPM's will change the face of radio. What do you think about 25+ women......will they keep the device on for the year or will it sit in their handbag?

Jaye Albright
Arbitron and BBM both have two key games of catchup to play: cell phone only households and improving the carry rates of women. PPM is the only kind of research I have seen that understates females and gives an advantage to men who work fulltime. It could be reality, but I am skeptical, given how much money is spent targeting women who are so ... See Moreresponsive in diaries, callout, online, etc. At the end of the day: the samples are too small to permit any narrow demo having to be weighted more than 5-8%,

Stephen Dillard
I feel the "new" down the road feature could be using cell phones as PPM's. Most everybody has one on their person at all times, younger demos use them as their only phone and there is no long term issues. Just think: if you could get 2% off your bill every month for a year. What a deal. No real need to add weight to the sample unless you consider the upper demo. Would help with the female sample issues while keeping the young end there.

Jaye Albright
At the moment, ARB claims that the cell phone technology they have tested doesn't register radio heard while the person's talking on the phone. Once that is figured out by some smart person, I agree with you. Jay Guyther did a presentation on it last year in Turkey:

Stephen Dillard
@ the end, we all live and die by the "Wal-mart" life. Radio is "in the moment". What a great time we live in.... talent and music and meld.

David Forchheimer said...

Hi, Jaye:
I know next to nothing about the PPMs, but have questions: what happens if a 25 y/o woman goes on a 2-week vacation...and asks her 50/yo mother to please "take care" of the meter until she returns. The 25 y/o listens to Mix 96, the Zone and Smooth Jazz. 50 y/o listens only to KNCI. Or does the participant agree that only she / he will use the PPM?

And does the PPM recognize "streaming" and / or apps listening?

David /formerly known as Bob Young

Jaye Albright
Thanks, Bob! It's so great to hear from you. You know something about KNCI, since you launched the station as its very first PD.

Yes, as with diaries, it is possible for one person to carry someone else's meter for them, but at least UNlike diaries, ARB.BBM monitors the carry patterns on a day by day basis and "should" notice if the pattern changes within a few days.

Each person in the home is instructed to carry only their "personal" meter when they agree to do the survey.

If the station wants PPM to monitor their streams separately, yes, all they need to do it encode any or all of them.