Monday, January 18, 2010

Country Radio Mobilizes Haiti Aid

Compassion International has been in Haiti for over 40 years serving hundreds of thousands of children and families. When the military is retracted and most of the other charity groups are gone, Compassion will remain in country.

On February 1st Compassion is mobilizing a one-day national radio event to help country radio listeners bring hope to a devastated country, desperate for both immediate and long-term solutions.

I am currently asking any radio group or syndicated show to partner with us. I understand some stations are already involved with specific charities through NAB or their own local affiliation, but there are so many who aren’t directly connected to anyone and would like to plug in to a legitimate and trusted organization. Especially to a charity group with 30+ years and significant ties within the music industry and who can help make it country format specific. - Mike Severson

If radio stations would like to do something on February 1st, or even before like KKGO/Los Angeles is currently planning, we just need to have collaboration to expediently put it in place. Individual stations can then run it through our online tool kit.

If you are willing to help in this effort or have any questions, contact former Midas Records, Rounder and All Access Exec Severson.


Cliff Dumas said...

I wanted to update you on what we're doing to help the people of Haiti. Friday we kicked off Cliff and Company's Soles 4 Souls campaign to collect gently used shoes for the people of Haiti. Listeners can drop off gently used shoes at any San Diego Sports Chalet location as well as locations through out California. In 5 days we've collected over 70 thousand shoes!

Mike Severson said...

We believe that the future of Haiti belongs to the children, who will help revitalize this nation in the years to come.

Join Compassion and the support from these artists:

Eric Church
Josh Turner
Diamond Rio
Gretchen Wilson
Richie McDonald
Bryan White
Amy Grant
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Megan Mullins
Carter’s Chord
Fast Ryde
Clay Walker
Mica Roberts
Jeff Foxworthy

And many more artist commitments on the way!

This is your chance to stand out, rise up, and make a definitive impact on the lives of the suffering in Haiti.

Thank you!

Mike Severson
Compassion International
Artist & Radio Relations

KKGO/Los Angeles PD Tonya Campos said...

The earthquake in Haiti did not just affect Haiti. It affected all of us, as human beings. One of the beautiful things about the human spirit is the ability to pull together to help those in need. I don't think there are many beings on the entire face of the planet that have not been moved by a picture or an interview or a scene of anguish and have been moved into action. Remember that all the children you see on the street will need to believe in a future. This is exactly why I support Compassion International. Right now, Compassion International is working to supply instant relief with medical care, food and water, but Compassion International will still be there when all the dust has settled and will be providing the children of Haiti with the things they will still need the, water and education. Education that will someday enable them to grow strong minds, strong bodies and strong beliefs about what they will be able to do to change their country.

First steps
1. Email to "Help Haiti with Compassion" February 1st or sign-up at and click "Join Compassion."

2. Access spots, web banners, talking points and more by clicking on "Station Resources" at

Mike Severson said...

Compassion International partnered with over 500 multi-format radio stations on Monday, February 1st to raise much needed funds for the people of Haiti. Over $1.3 million has been raised so far that will be used to provide immediate aid to the victims of the Haiti earthquake in the form of food, water, shelter, and medical and counseling services. In addition, funds will be used to re-equip Compassion's local support structure to aid in the rebuilding of Haiti long-term.

I want to thank you for your involvement and for supporting our efforts. The generosity and caring of the music community is significant to the work that we do. There will continue to be enormous need in Haiti and Compassion is now preparing for benefit concerts in both Nashville and L.A. on Saturday, February 27th. Please see the attached press release regarding the details (we are still adding artists). You can also go to for more information.

Compassion will also be sponsoring the coffee cart at CRS next week, so stop by during the course of the seminar and try all three exceptional international coffees we will have available.

I hope there will be opportunity to partner together in the future as Compassion continues to help rescue children and families from poverty around the world.

Mike Severson
Compassion International
Artist & Radio Relations