Saturday, August 15, 2009

Things I Love (An Ongoing Series)

1. Those great iPod/Blackberry-like icons on Bonneville-Cincinnati PD/OM Patti Marshall's Q-102 web page. Beats the traditional boring "click here" lists on the left side of the majority of radio home pages.

2. CBS/Seattle KMPS midday hostess Stubbs' use of quick, tightly-edited phoners with the folks who send in PSA announcements on the day of events, creating fast, current, immediate, PPM-friendly interactions with local folks, dropping in values-driven names of "listeners" along the way.

3. The last line of all of GAPWEST Broadcasting/Casper Operations Manager Donovan Short's emails:
"Cash. Prizes. VIP Experiences that money can't buy. Are you in yet? Become a VIP today: KTRS, KWYY, KRVK, KMGW, KTWO, KKTL"

OK, now what clever tactic are you particularly proud of??

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