Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Novelty Time Again (And, That's A Good Thing?!)

Nashville generally listens to radio very well. 51% of those sampled agreed in research released earlier this year that stations play certain songs to the point that it “becomes annoying.”

Many of us complained to music executives following the presentation that listeners were telling us that "everything sounds the same and there's a lack of variety" not just in the songs but also in the sounds and even artists coming at us.

So, what happened?

Every label now has at least one novelty ditty, if not two or three.
I Still Like Bologna, Rockin' The Beer Gut, That Thang, Moo La Moo, Skinny Dippin', White Liar, 15 Minutes, Toes, etc, etc.

Of course we can't play them all, or even many of them. That could potentially make the situation worse, since repetition complaints typically come when core listeners aren't loving all of our musical offerings.

However, here's the good news in this development, which seems to happen in all forms of music as they start to get stale, novelties "have the power to change people’s listening assumptions and have often turned out to be precursors of new music styles."

Let's hope something even more exciting is coming soon, right behind this latest change in our newest music.


Mike Bell said...

It's funny how some of the songs that are now considered country classics were, in effect novelty songs: White Lightnin', King Of The Road, Okie From Muskogee, I've Got A Tiger By The Tail, Boy Named Sue, Take This Job And Shove It, Convoy etc.

Scott Clements said...

I worry about that new listener who maybe saw our TV spot with our morning show having fun and connecting with the community and decided to tune in. If a novelty song is on the air that one time they tune in I would not want them to say "Yep, what I thought about country music was right"