Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Radio's Future

The Conclave is one of radio and music's treasures, supported by a dedicated group of ardent volunteers who keep the flame alive by impressive dedication to the organization's mission.
“Through education, the Conclave’s mission is to improve the quality of broadcasting and related industries so they may better serve the public interest.”

Next Wednesday, Kipper McGee, takes 90 minutes to bring that mission to life.

* What three questions should every broadcaster be asking right now?
* What three answers should you always have ready for your boss?
* What is the most important law for broadcasters to be aware of? (Hint: it's not from the FCC!) * What is the biggest error broadcasters can commit today -- and why do so many do it daily?

The answers to these questions and more will be revealed in his FREE webinar "The Future of Radio presented by the Conclave and sponsored by Envision Radio, August 26th at 2pm Central. To register click here.

PS: watch for news of Michael O'Malley's Conclave webinar September 30 on Conducting Your Own Radio Station Programming Audit. A&O is proud to support The Conclave.

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