Sunday, February 03, 2008

Watts Versus Gladwell: Should We Target The Influentials Or Not?

This I know: targeting heavy radio users who love country music, your radio station and who enjoy giving their opinions in market research makes for a highly-productive target .. if you want to grow your audience as reported in ratings (vs the 'real' audience).

I used to think that you could find 'the influentials' among them, build buzz for your brand and get them to tell their friends about the good things you do. It sounds alluring: marketing becomes more efficient, less expensive.

Now, I'm not so sure about that
"If Influentials cannot tip a trend into existence--and if success in a networked society is quite random--what's a poor marketer to do? Is there any way to intentionally infect people with an idea or a product?" -- Is the Tipping Point Toast? -- Duncan Watts

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