Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Love That Frog (Happy 15th Birthday Froggy .. A Brand That Has Endured)

15 years ago, I helped construct a brand relaunch for KVOX, Fargo and thanks to a wonderful group of winners (many of whom are still there, still reinventing their product and keeping it fresh and on top!), Froggy remains the market's top radio station. (click to read the article on the latest ARB: ‘Bob’ doesn’t lure ‘Froggy’ listeners)

There was a time when the previous owners had both of the market's country stations and I was moved to (the now-defunct) K-102 and I gave Froggy to Michael O'Malley to handle in order to keep both stations' competitive edge. That has proved to be a partnership which has also endured, I am very proud to say.

Congrats, happy anniversary and my ongoing admiration to Froggy, doing it right every day for 15 years now!

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