Saturday, February 02, 2008

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Fall book format trends – the consultants size them up for T-R-I...

Jaye Albright
“In a word, country is all about values, and our 30+ females, especially, are all about the values of Christmas, so there’s almost no way to defend against a solid Christmas music AC in the final 3-4 weeks of the survey, other than to have a terrific first two phases. When you study the stations that did well, that is the common thread, by and large. Either that, or they had a huge TSL driver in the final Phase, like San Diego’s KSON, which paid off its year-long ‘Double Your Paycheck’ giveaways by awarding a $50,000 annual bonus in early December. But as for country in a number - 2,160! That, believe it or not, is a PPDV [Persons Per Diary Value] in men 18-24 that I saw as I broke out a book for a client. Not only that, but Women 18-24 was 1,503 and Men 25-34 was 1,478. These extremely high levels of sample weights are becoming more common and they create huge problems for any station with geographical hot pockets and other zip areas where they aren’t as strong, like country, which tends to have its listeners in the ex-urban and suburban areas, not the central city. Fewer non-ethnic 25-54 diaries and more weighting makes each book more of a crap shoot, creating huge wobbles. [Albright colleague] Mike O’Malley just wrote a blog post about seeing his first 1,000 PPDV a few weeks ago (A Thousand to One) and since then we’ve been hearing it’s being seen in market after market. Hopefully, Dr. Ed Cohen’s Arbitron diary sample improvement team is hard at work on it now. Finally, country has had such a great run over the last several years that there are many markets with just too many stations to avoid a bit of share compression, even when there is a strong leader.”

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