Thursday, February 28, 2008

The First Happy Signs Of A Good Spring

In ARB PPM monthly 6+ share trends CBS country KILT-FM ranks #5 and Cox's KKBQ-KTHT combine for a 7.0 share in market #6 Houston while Beasley's WXTU is also #5 6+ in #7 Philadelphia.

The combined shares of the four country stations in the two PPM-currency markets are up 8% from December to January: (December) 11.6- (Holiday) 11.8- (January) 12.5, so it looks like maybe country's soft fall 2007 national averages were indeed (hopefully!) largely due to AC's all Christmas music tactic.

For me, that's an even more optimistic sign of an early, sunny spring than a robin on the lawn.

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