Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Stickiest Brand And Slogan I've Ever Been Involved With

I have been associated with many, many Frogs, Wolves, KIX's, Colts, Cats, Ducks, Bears, Young Countries and a veritable menagerie of other names and position statements in my more than three decades in the country format, but only one of them has ever been parodied in a cult TV show which continues to live on in YouTube form while also continuing to live on numerous very successful American and Canadian radio stations:

"Turn Your Knob To BOB 100 FM." (click to watch the silly web video of the episode)

I wish I could say I thought of it, but I (as KB would say) "was there" when a great team of strategists put it all together and brought it to life in Minneapolis.

The individuals who made some radio history: GM Kevin McCarthy, PD Bob Wood, sister station KQQL PD Kevin Metheny, along with brilliant architects Randy Michaels, Joel Lind and an amazingly talented staff they all put together.

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