Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Most Days, I Am Proud To Be In Radio

.. then there are days like today, when - after looking at the pathetic web video of Bo Reynolds last Friday at the 2007 Taste of Colorado trashing his competition - I feel ashamed of our format and medium that we have to deal with desperate tactics like this which are no good for anyone involved.

Thankfully, KYGO appears to be ignoring this stupid, shameless dirty trick, which I guess was supposed to be funny but actually makes them look to me like the country station in Denver I'd rather have as my friend. If KYGO is old, I guess that makes me old too.
My "message to Bo:" focus on creating a great product, figure out what listeners love and do that intensively. Stop making our medium look repulsive and mean-spirited. You are not helping yourself or your station.

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