Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Something Interesting To Watch For As Keith Urban Performs Live In Your Market

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At times, Keith's music has failed to chart as well as you'd think it should due to how polarized some of his hits are with men.

There's no question that females simply love this guy, as JRN's Lia said after seeing him in Seattle Saturday night:
"I have never been to a show that I've enjoyed more. From the backstage experience, to the 90-foot HD screen, to the catwalk...visually, it was stunning. Musically, it was second to none. Without question, Keith Urban is the most talented person in the business."
An interesting thing is also happening, I've noted, in the markets where Urban has appeared live in concert. His songs begin to test better with male country radio listeners! As he comes to your town, watch for this. Urban is REALLY helping himself as he tours, it appears, as men seem to be hearing songs they've heard before with new appreciation for them.

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