Monday, September 10, 2007

Reba = Excellent Example For All Of Us

Reporter Ken Tucker is working on an article for next week's Billboard to coincide with the release of Reba McEntire's new "Duets" LP. He's been emailing two simple questions to inductry executives. His questions and my replies:

KT: Why has Reba’s career lasted so long?
JA: She and (her manager-husband) Narvel are the MASTERS of customer service to both radio and her fans, making us feel like partners in her success and many ventures. She's an inspiration and a great example to many other artists that it really pays off to cooperate constantly with even the smallest radio stations when they make reasonable requests of her. Reba is tireless in her commitment to communicating and sustaining her relationship with radio and fans, while always producing awesome music and selecting terrific songs.

KT: What does her music offer to radio and to listeners?
JA: Reba's ability to keep reinventing herself over and over, while extending the platforms on which her prodigious talent shines so brightly engage us all is not just impressive, but is also a wonderful example for any brand manager who wants to learn how to masterfully ride the inevitable product life cycle in the marketplace.

I can't wait to read what others are saying!

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