Monday, September 24, 2007

Identify YOUR Brand

If you are in the music business, you'd want to read the entire Music Row (August 2007) "Think Tank" Special Report on "Embracing Change .. The New Rules Of Engagement." If you're on the radio, I want to call a section (on page six) to YOUR attention:
"Artists need to identify their brand and constantly reinforce it. Good examples are Dierks Bentley, a modern day drifter, young hip but a little dangerous; Kenny Chesney with the beach party; Toby Keith, the patriotic bad ass; and witty, topical Brad Paisley. But there is also a group of male one hit wonders that don’t have strong brands and therefore can’t translate that one hit into a career. Loretta Lynn identified her brand as the Coalminer’s Daughter and it has carried her for 50 years. Identifying the brand doesn’t mean that it is the only concern, but if you look at artists that have endured, they all had what we now call a brand; Johnny Cash was the man in black; Waylon the outlaw… You can’t afford to be in business with somebody that you have to teach to be an artist."

Can your audience describe your personal brand as succinctly?

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